Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shopping Organization Board {GO}

This week in GO Get Organized...

 Hey girls! (or boys... who knows, there may be boys following
the CRAFT part of the blog :) It's OK, don't be ashamed ;)

 Bonjour à toutes! (et à tous, on sait jamais, peut être qu'il y a des 
hommes qui suivent la partie CRAFT de mon blog :) N'ayez point honte ;)

So, today I will show you a project I had a fun time doing:
An organization board for groceries and shopping.

  Alors aujourd'hui je vous propose un projet que j'ai adoré faire : 
une planche d'organisation pour les courses et le shopping.

 Too often I loose my receipts because I don't have a place to put them (since we maintain a budget, you can imagine how complicated it gets when I have to remember every expense we had during the week)

 Trop souvent je perds les tickets de caisse parce que je n'ai pas un endroit précis ou les mettre (vu qu'on tient un budget, vous imaginez la galère quand je dois me rappeler de toutes les dépenses de la semaine)

And I often do "to get" or "to buy" lists, but they end up all over the place.
And when the time comes to actually go shopping: "WHERE'S THE LIST?"

 Et puis je fais souvent des "to get" ou "to buy" list mais elles sont un peu éparpillées à droite à gauche. Et au moment de partir faire les courses : MINCE OU EST LA LISTE?

 And don't get me started with coupons. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I often loose them and find them the day AFTER their expiration date. Oh, you too? That reassures me!

 Sans parler des coupons de réductions. Je sais pas si je suis la seule, mais moi je les perd et je les retrouve souvent UN JOUR après la date de péremption de la réduction. Oui, vous aussi? Ca me rassure ;)

 I had already seen different ideas of boards, but I thought to myself:
"Why not create a board for everything that concerns shopping?"

 Alors j'avais vu des idées de planches pour s'organiser mais je me suis dis : 
"Pourquoi ne pas réunir tout ce qui concerne les courses/ le shopping ?!"

And adding a little touch of art...
  En y ajoutant une petite touche de déco..

 Here's the result! I even added a pen on the side, so that way no more excuses!
 Voilà le résultat! J'ai même rajouté un stylo sur le côté comme ça plus d'excuse!

I used an old wooden board (that my loving husband cut up for me), some stickers (vinyl), a note pad (1$ at Target), an envelope, a laundry pin that I repainted... And a few ribbons :)
J'ai utilisé une planche en bois (que mon mari adoré m'a découpé), des stickers (vinyl), un bloc (1$ à target aux usa), une enveloppe, une pince à linge en bois que j'ai repeint.. Et un peu de ruban :)

So everything added up to... 3$
Anyway, I find this very practical!
So what do you think? And do you guys loose your receipts and coupons too? :)

Le tout m'est donc revenu à... 2€?
En tout cas je trouve ça super pratique!
Qu'est ce que vous en pensez? Et vous aussi vous perdez vos tickets et coupons? :)


  1. I saw this on so I had to come over here and see how you did it. What a cute way to stay organized! Now I want to try one of my own.

  2. Très, très joli (superbes couleurs ! j'aime bcp le petit ruban entre autre ;) Pratique et utile ! Bravo :))

  3. LUV your shopping board, Iris. I'm the same as you with late coupons & hidden lists -- what a great idea to put everything together! I'm inspired to create my own. ;-)

  4. New follower. : ) I love this project! TFS

    I invite you to visit and follow me at

    have a great day!

  5. New follower. : ) I love this project-TFS!

    I invite you to visit and follow me at

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Hello Iris! I just recently stumbled onto your blog and I'm loving it. I'm also super jealous of your proximity to Paris. I visited once, over ten years ago and I'm dying to go back. I'll trade you lives for a week! You come to my small Canadian city and I'll take over your Parisian/Disney Channel life. Anyway, to the point. I love your little shopping board. I also keep all receipts to maintain our family budget. Right now I'm simply storing them in a poly envelope and tossing that into a drawer... however I love the idea of having that envelope out in the open for either myself or my man to add to. I will have to seriously consider this when we move in the new year! I'm going to peruse the rest of your blog now!

    Bonne journée!

  7. Awesome idea .... Will surely do this project.


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